This Intellectual Output (IO) covers different aspects related to the specification and design of the resulting course of the project. It will require the definition of:

  • Learning objectives of the course.
  • The structure of the course. This is how the information is organised.
  • The learning methods to be applied to achieve the defined learning objectives.
  • The contents to be developed and the associated responsible organisation.
  • Evaluation methods proposed to demonstrate the achievement of the learning objectives, the associated schedule and accreditation procedures.
  • Recognition framework.

This IO handle the specification and design of the whole model of the e-learning course. The tasks to develop to accomplish this IO are:

  • T1. Definition of the training preferences for PODIATRAIN course.
  • T2. Definition of the learning objectives,
  • T3. Definition of the structure of the course.
  • T4. Definition of the evaluation and self-assessment methods.
  • T5. Definition of the recognition framework.