Mid-term meeting PODIATRAIN project


Mid-term meeting PODIATRAIN project

The Consortium of the PODIATRAIN project took part last 27th April in Podiatrain meeting (Open Online course in new technologies for diagnosis and treatment of foot pathologies) at University of Malta facilities (Malta).

PODIATRAIN project aims to create a European high educational framework to homogenize and improve knowledge of target users in advanced techniques and treatments as well as bring to bear the newest technologies for user assessment, covering the gap between foot care professionals and the continuous advances in the sector. Main beneficiaries of PODIATRAIN will be:

  • Podiatrists
  • Students finishing their BSc degree in podiatry
  • Foot health practitioners
  • Traumatologist
  • Foot surgeons

PODIATRAIN will offer these professionals a number of advantages over widely extended traditional methods providing a route to transform foot health care from an artisan craft into a modern clinical speciality. The project results will contribute to improve the competences of these professionals, widening their labour opportunities. PODIATRAIN will be available in two European languages (English and Spanish).

Further information in the attached file and in PODIATRAIN website (http://www.podiatrain.eu/)
This initiative is funded by European Commission Programme Erasmus +.