IBV will present in Malta the results of focus group of Podiatrain project


IBV will present in Malta the results of focus group of Podiatrain project

The Institute of Biomechanics (IBV) participates in the focus group session of the different members of the Podiatrain project that will take place in May in Malta.

It’s an event that is included within the Erasmus + program, in this meeting the different institutions participating in this project, will agree the contents of the online course that will be developed as part of this project.

International Working Group

Participants belong to different European institutions related to research in biomechanics, and the course contents will be oriented towards different health disciplines that can make use of biomechanical assessment tools in their daily clinical practice.

Among the main results that will be presented by the IBV, we highlight the heterogeneity of the components of the focus group; Where researchers are combined with recent graduates, both in the field of phytotherapy and in the field of podiatry and all groups agree in their analysis on the need to apply new technologies for the diagnosis and treatment of those pathologies that are related to a Biomechanical procedure. Considering that this aspect is very important when it comes to treatment with patients, being a postgraduate course that combines these characteristics an excellent complement of training.

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